Shrink your carbon footprint and save money with architectural window tint from American Standard Window Film.  Rejecting heat in the summer and retaining heat in the winter months, you'll find the benefits of having quality film on your windows to be quite valuable.

ASWF Flagstaff

Benefits Include:

• Reduce energy costs

• Reduce glare

• Protect furniture and interiors from fading

• Increase privacy and security

• Improve appearance


Flagstaff Window Tint
Window Tint


  • Legacy: with a pure sputtered titanium nitrade nano-ceramic constuction, Legacy delivers an unparalleled performance, visual calrity with an elegant non reflective look.

  • Nature: enjoy a neutral, natural view with exceptional clarity and low reflectivity. Superior performance without any distortion, for the clearest, truest view.

  • Daydream: a dual reflective film that reduces solar heat gain and cuts annoying glare with minimal interior reflectivity.

  • Sky: a dual reflective film that provides ultra low reflectivity in low-light conditions. Great for keeping you cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.

  • Illusion: dual reflective film that creates the affect of a one-way mirror, with proper lighting.

  • Reflection: silver reflective metallized film that offers extreme relief from heat and sunlight problems.

  • Moonlight: low interior and exterior reflectivity black film, to maximize privacy and overbearing light. Ultra level of sunlight blockage.

  • Horizon: this bronze film provides unparalleled heat rejection, while providing a warm look reminiscent of sunset's glow.

  • Firewall: designed to sheild excess heat while allowing in ample light to maximize the ultimate desired atmosphere

Tinted windows
window tint


  • White Frost: a white matte finish that allows minimal view.

  • White Out: a rich white color that offers maximum privacy.

  • Black Out: an ultra-dark color to block light and maximize privacy.

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